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Booking Process


Face  & Body Art



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My Designs

​My designs include full face, half face, face accents, and eye accents. For some, I put down a base coat to make it POP! I also paint arms, chests, backs & necks, and full bodies for special events. I love a full canvas to paint on! My designs include paint, eyeshadows, glitter & gems. I go with my "flow" and design quickly. Time is of the essence! My average painting is 5-10 minutes. I always have designs printed out for lots of choices, and natural creativity for any requests. Here you can see some of my favorite skin art designs.


Please tell me as much as you can about the event, and provide links so I can get an idea of the theme, attendance, etc. I'll get back to you on scheduling a conversation before sending you a quote.







We discuss the event, what is needed, the location, how many patrons, the theme, supplies needed, etc. I send you my rates, and you select from 2 set-up sizes. Then an agreed amount is set, and a deposit is sent to reserve the date. (Acceptable methods of payment: Cash App, Venmo, Cash, Check)

I arrive 30 min - 1 hour before the event (depending on set-up) at the agreed location. If need be, I use a drip cloth below me. If it's lowly lit, I'll bring lights for my area to see better. I usually bring my own table, but chairs are best if provided by the organizers to reduce my load. (Please send load & unload instructions prior to arrival)

Patrons pick the design of their choice from my selection. Each design can take 5-10 mins, depending on choice. At times a special request happens where it may take a little longer to paint. 

After the time is up, and everyone's happily painted, I pack up and make sure to LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND. The final payment is made at the (beginning or) end of the agreed time. 



Minimal Impact

4 foot table, table runner & signs, design choice book, lights & accents

30 min setup


Maximum Impact

10x10 foot tent, 2 tables, hanging signs, design choices, lights, accents, & if possible, a backdrop for photos.

1 hour setup

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