Creative Director
Graphic Designer

In 1999 Davina founded a graphic and web design business called Heavy Designs ( to combine her passion for creative design and fine arts with the ever-growing online and digital media worlds. In 2014 Davina started a local community called DC Creators after 2 trips to Burning Man, as it was such an inspiring experience for her. After years of hosting events in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, she recently, in 2021, launched the DC Creators Network & Exchange for creators to share anything creative. She published the DC Creators Network so artists & creators can share, exchange & be discovered all in one place. Signup FREE today! (


She responds to Davina Louise creatively, and Davina Blanchard professionally. Davina Divinity is her upcoming brand.

& Body painter


Davina founded DC Creators (2014) to bring DC artists together by hosting art events in lounges and clubs around DC. Now we also gather online as of 2021


Davina founded Heavy Designs as her first company in 1999, providing graphic & web design services. Some examples are under products. More works can be found on the official website,


Her collection of commissioned arts (& pieces from the heart). Some sold, and some are for sale. Let her know you're favorite piece and maybe she'll design just something similar just for you. 


Creative body art for private events, and venues. Metallic is Davina's specialty, and there is no limit to styles she can produce. Cosplay is her passion. Hire her for your next event!





Body Painting

Canvas Art

3D Creations

Graphic Design

Web Design

Natural Born Creator

"We are all artists in life. Some just have not found their creative outlet yet. You have to walk into a music store and explore every instrument, before you say you are not a musician. Explore every creative tool before you say you are not a creator."

~Davina Louise~



Davina in Action


Photos of Davina creating. Intense moments from different occasions she will always remember. Always learning & exploring her newest body art ideas @ her DC Creators events. See how much she loves creating unique art on canvas bodies throughout the Metropolitan, DC area. 

Body Art Modeling


Painted by, and modeled by... Davina Louise, she paints herself to practice body art & encourage a creativity within her DC Creators workshops. This gives inspiration to the other creators around. 

Burning Man 2015


This is where DC Creators was born. At least the idea. See photos or her costume ideas and outfit creations. Exclusively altered clothes for festive events. Ask how she did it! She's happy to share her secrets.

Photo Shoot 2006


These photos were taken to build Davina's Modeling Portfolio. She has never thought of herself as a model, but this photographer (Dennis Sandre) thought otherwise. The photos speak for themselves.